5 Ways to Dress up for Office This Summer

With the weather heating up, there is just one thing that people wish to do- strip off. However, this can’t be done at all times like 5 days a week.

No matter how much we fantasize about walking into our office dressed in a slouchy tee and hot pants with casual flip fops, it is known that we cannot pull this off even on those casual Friday looks. But, is there any alternative?

The answer is yes. We here have a list of few office styles that you can adopt for a trendy office look in summers too.

Loose Shorts

The conventional shorts are not quite appropriate for the workplace but if it is very hot, you can still make way with it as long as you try to keep it a little long and loose. Pleated mini skirt or flared shorts are capable of creating a perfect illusion as they offer a length of impression and at the same time keeping your knees exposed to air.

Silk Shirts

If you are not into exposing your arms in the office, then the silk shirts can be your new best friends. Very feminine, very classy and most of all highly cooling!

Floaty Flares

These pants are a major 70s throwback and a great summer choice. They are trendy, unrestrictive and bang on fashionable and if they are cropped, all better. In order to sensibly achieve that retro look, pair it with a sleeveless blouse but stay away from the loud patterns.

Sensible Footwear

Sensible doesn’t imply dull. It just means sandals that are comfy, light on your feet without looking too jazzy. So, why not try a block heel, chunky wedge or casual flats. Embrace these styles.

Black Might Not Be Great

Black might give out a slimming look but it is very well known that it can absorb heat. It can get quite difficult if you don’t have a tan and hence avoid whites but in such cases light pinks and pale yellows can do the trick.

Say hello to these office trends to have a bright and soothing summer this year.

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